Bar Mitzvah Tours In Israel

The amazing race- Bar mitzvah trip in Israel- 11 days trip


We have no doubt that this trip will be the one that you will remember forever!

We worked hard to put together a family trip in Israel that will create an amazing experience. This special itinerary allows you to see all the important sites in Israel in addition to energetic competitive and fun game. Seeing Israel through the eyes of Israeli Guide with our unique 11 days Bar mitzvah trip!! To see the full itinerary click here

Bar Mitzvah in Jerusalem- 1 day trip

This tour is all about fun, fun for the Bar mitzvah boy and fun for his family.

We will start our morning with a beautiful view over the Wailing Wall from the Jewish quarter. After a spiritual lecturer about the site we are about to visit and its significance to the Jewish people. We will slowly descent to the Wailing Wall. At this part of the way we will be escorted by 2 drummers and a shofar player dressed in white. wailing wall

We will have our service at the Wailing Wall, where the Bar mitzvah boy will read the Parasha. There are 2 options to do the service: 

1)     At the main traditional yard where woman are separated from men.

2)     The southern edge of the Wailing Wall (near the Robinson arch) where all the family can have the service together.       

We then continue with our fun tour in Jerusalem.

Tour in the Wailing Wall tunnels (requires booking 2 months in advance).

We will have lunch in local restaurant.

Then we will participate in an archaeological experience – we will sort out ancient remains from soil that was brought from the temple mount (who knows maybe we will find some of the lost gold).

Then will go for a tour in the City of David. The journey quickly heads underground to some of the newest archaeological excavations at the site. The underground tour finally ends at the Gihon Spring, there we'll take out flashlights and wade through the spring in King Hezekiah's 2,700 year old water tunnel, one of the wonders of early engineering.


Bar Mitzvah on Massada- 1 day trip


The spiritual moment that you have all been waiting for! Right here in Israel on the top of Massada. After touring the archaeological site, the place that was built by king Herods and was

Used by Jewish rebels 2000 years ago, we will have the ceremony.


This Bar mitzvah ceremony will be remembered for a long time as a result of the combination of the desert landscape and the importance of this place for thebar mitzvah massada Jewish people.


The ceremony can take place at the ancient synagogue at massada or in one of the many other spiritual spots on the mountain.


After the ceremony you can choose to go on a Land rover ride to the wilderness of the Judean desert or you can enjoy a dip in the Dead Sea

Essential : hat & sunscreen (summer time) warm clothes (winter time), comfortable shoes, water, cameras, water sandals, changing clothes , bathing suits&towels (you can rent)

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