Helicopter Tours Israel

Helicopter tour Israel


This article will elaborate about the advantages of helicopter tour in Israel. There is no doubt that touring any place with a helicopter is a unique and expensive way of touring. Therefore touring with a helicopter can not be the perfect way to all of us. Yet, even if you do it just ones in your life, it will be a very exciting experience that you will never forget and will be worth its money.


Helicopter tours in Israel are becoming more and more popular. The reason for that is that in a state like Israel, with a helicopter you can reach within one day the most remote areas of the country.


Helicopter tour Massada- if you want to see Masada in just one day from Tel Aviv it should be enough to spend 1 day for that with a car. It is more then possible to do it in one day with just a car. But with a helicopter flight you will be able to fly over Jerusalem and the temple mount.


With a helicopter flight to Massadayou will have the opportunity to fly over the cliffs of the Judean Mountains and the Dead Sea.  You will have fun not only form seeing Massada and hearing the interesting explanations of the guide. Helicopter flight in Israel is fun! Exiting! And provide a unique point of view.


How much it cost to fly with a helicopter in Israel- the price changes according to the tape of the helicopter, the number of people on the tour, the time of flight and waiting hours. You have a helicopter tour over Jerusalem starting from 1750 USD. But rates for a helicopter tour of Jerusalem can be 3000 USD if you take a luxury helicopter.

A helicopter tour is very flexible- the helicopter can land almost anywhere, including in the middle of the desert or on the side of the road. You can fly from Tel Aviv to the Golan Heights in just a 75 Minuets.  

Helicopter tour over Jerusalem- fly over Jerusalem with a helicopter can be ones in a lifetime experience, seeing the temple mount from above, the church of the holy sepulcher, Mount of Olives and mount Zion. Helicopter flight over Jerusalem will give you an extraordinary view of the 4000 years old city.

Helicopter tour to the Golan Heights- flying with a helicopter to the Golan Heights is so much fun!! On your way you will cross all the most important sites in Israel- Mount Carmel with the Baha'i temple, Nazareth and the see of Galilee and many other important sites.


The main advantages of having a helicopter tour in Israel are: saving time, deferent point of view, getting to remote areas and fun.

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