The Cheapest Way to have Private Tour

The Cheapest Way to have Private Tour to Israel

Israel is the most central place between Europe, Africa, and Asia; some people believe that it is the center of the earth. Israel is a converging place for diverse languages, cultures, and food. It is a country with a lot of tourism, pilgrimage and archeological attraction sites. It is a wonderful place to explore and stimulate your imagination especially if you believe in, and have read great historical and religious books such as the Holy Bible of the Christian faith and the Holy Quran of the Muslim faith. Having a private tour to Israel may seem an expensive endeavor, yet it is possible to private tour Israel even on a tight budget.

Private Tour to Israel

Find the cheapest flights to Israel

During certain times of the year; especially the pilgrimage seasons, it becomes quite a challenge to get an affordable flight to Israel. Nevertheless, you can still private tour Israel if you search keenly and are flexible in your flight choices. You can catch the numerous flights to Tel Aviv. These flights include large numbers of low-cost European airlines.

Get a vacation rental?

This can be most useful to you if you are planning to private tour Israel for a while and you prefer your own private place and not a hotel. Additionally, it is a good idea to get a vacation rental if there are a number of you traveling together. There are numerous vocational apartments; especially in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, where you can get quality accommodation at pocket-friendly fees. However, it is important to keep in mind that most apartments will require you to stay for at least a week.

Make Use of Israel’s Markets

Food in the supermarkets, hotels, and restaurants are quite affordable in Israel. However, you can explore and make use of the major markets that are found in every city in Israel. There you can get very cheap native foods. An example is the main market in Jerusalem called the Machane Yehuda Market.

Get a local SIM card

It is going to be very expensive to make calls within Israel on your international phone. To cut on the communication costs, consider carrying an unlocked phone so that you can buy and use a local SIM card while you are in Israel.

The Money Exchange

If you change money at the airport when you are in a hurry, you will definitely be charged very high exchange rates. It is wise to make your exchanges at exchange bureau found in the centers of most Israeli cities. There are also many options in Tel Aviv that offer very competitive exchange rates that are even better than the best you can get back at home.

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