Everything about tipping in Israel
Everything about tipping in Israel

Tip in Israel


Every country has its own tipping tradition and standards. As a tourist in a new country you don’t want to embarrass anyone, you don’t want to be disrespectful to people and you certainly don’t want to overpay. Tipping standards for services in Israel should be clear to you before you arrive to the country. There is a good chance that you will meet people that will service you on your first day in Israel and maybe even on your first hours at the airport.

Here is all the information you need, regarding tipping in Israel: Amounts quoted here are in US dollars 



  • The official percentage of tipping in restaurant is 12%. It is usually left on the table in cash, yet if you wish to tip using your credit card, you have to tell them to add it to the bill when you give them the card. unlike other countries you can not write on the receipt the amount that you intend to tip after paying the bill.  
  • If it’s a big group of 30-50 people having big meal together and serviced by 2-3 waiters, depending on the amount of the bill but it can reach thousands of shekels, then the tip will not go by percentage but by a service tip for each waiter that can be around 100-200 shekels.


  • It is not customary to tip a taxi driver in city rids. Yet taxi drivers that give you special service, rides from and to the airport and day trips will expect a small tip.
  • Lets say that for a special ride from the airport a 10$ tip will be nice and if the driver spend the whole day with you around 30$ per day.


  • All workers in hotels in Israel will appreciate tipping them for their service, yet the ones that will expect a tip for the service are: ball boys for helping with your luggage. they will expect bills and not coins. so around 20 shekel bill or 5$ bill. 
  • At the hotel’s restaurant tipping the waiters with coins is fine
  • cleaning rooms- at the end of your stay if you where happy with your service you can leave a bill- 5$-20$. Most people will not leave, Yet if your think they did a good job you should tip.
  • Room service- around 5$

Bus tours

  • If you are on a daily tour that collects passengers from various hotels you should tip the guide and the driver around 5$ per person to driver and 10$ per person to guide. Nothing will happen if you will not tip on this type of tour, but it will be appreciates.
  • If you are on a private group tour- meaning, a tour that was organized in advance, take the same group of people for a trip of various days, then you should make sure that at the end of the tour the guide will get an envelop with (5$ per person per day, minimum 100$ per day) and the driver will get an envelop with (3$ per person per day minimum 50$ per day).  

Private tour 

  • Traveling in Israel on a private tour- meaning the guide is also a driver and you are on a personal tailor made tour. It is not a cheap service and therefore many people think or convince themselves to think that it includes the tip. What ever the price of the tour is, you should calculate an addition amount for tipping the tour guide. 
  • How much to tip: 20$ per day (LOW if this is what you have- hopefully the guide will appropriate it) 50$ per day (An average tip for an average work) 100$ per day (good tip) 


Be careful tipping with coins- it is insulting and very cheep. The coins that you have left with should be used at the airport when you leave or should be denoted on the airplane.


Good Luck