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On this page you will find Israeli Guide’s main tourism services. We specialize in Private tours in Israel and package deals that includes all the service you need!  

Accommodation, Daily economical tours, helicopter tours, Bar Mitzvah tours, Airport services and transportation. 

Tour Israel with your own private tour guide. Have all the flexibility and all the comfort with the best tour guides in Israel

Economical tour packages including hotels, tours and accommodation. Travel with our excellent tour guides throughout the country and discover the wonders and beauty of this land

Daily tours throughout the country, from 89 USD PP. including licensed tour guide, transportation and admission fees to sites.

Ones in a life time opportunity- flying with luxury helicopter of the holy land. Travel to Masada in only 40 minutes, fly over Jerusalem in 1 hour tour, and fly over the Sea of Galilee and the Golan heights

To feel welcomed from the very first moment. Israeli guide offers VIP service and transportation from the airport to any destination in Israel. Luxury cars, courteous drivers, smooth and professional service.

Bar Mitzvah trip with Israeli guide is an unforgettable one. Full of action fun activities throughout the country ending with an emotional Bar Mitzvah ceremony at the wall, Massada, ancient synagogue or any other place you choose.

Family tours in Israel are our expertise. When you are visiting Israel as a family, it is very important to consider your children’s needs when planning tours and trips

Israeli Guide ltd. gives it clients special treatment on all tours, For those clients who would like the “Royal Treatment”, we offer every optional luxury possible including a luxury car, upscale restaurant, and personal guide

Take a Tour To Jerusalem and Enjoy The Following Pre-Historic Religeous


Trip to Israel


Israel is a beautiful and diverse Mediterranean nation with an excellent history of religious importance dating back to several thousands of years. Even though this country is small, millions of people from around the globe are visiting this country for exploring and experiencing a lively culture, breathtaking vistas and ancient landmarks. If you are planning to take a trip to Israel, here is a small Israel guide that will help you prepare for the voyage in an efficient manner:

Identifying the best time to visit: The climate of Israel differs from one season to another, and there will be a difference in weather conditions from one region to another. Winters are rainy and cold while summers are dry, sunny and hot. The remaining part is typically mild with on-and-off rainfall. Here, it becomes necessary to consider political situations in the country as well for planning your visit. Even though most of the time, it is safe to visit, there are occasions of potential dangers turmoil and instability with its Middle Eastern neighbors due to the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Therefore, it is recommended to keep an eye on the news headlines, when you are starting your trip. Even, you can get in constant touch with a private Israel guide to provide you an update about the best time to visit  and to travel to israel.

Entry requirements about your nationality:Trip to Israel If you are from a foreign nation, it is better to keep your passport ready, or you can also renew the same if it is due to become outdated within a short period of six months. Even though for tourism purpose, citizens of other nations can visit this country and can stay there for maximum three months trips to israel , it is better to check whether there are any visa requirements as Israel. Trip to Israel This country is known to have some strict policies against many other world nations. Here, to a tour guide in Israel can help you get the right kind of information.
Get the help of a tour guide Trip to Israel : With a broad range of sights to see, it can be a challenge to explore different locations in this country and here a tour guide in Israel can be of great help. trips to israel It is recommended to choose a private guide to help you out explore different locations.

The Jerusalem guide will be fluent in the local language, and so he can take you to the best destinations in this part of Israel.Trip to Israel If you are interested in religious trips to israel, a Jerusalem guide can help you.