How to avoid critical mistakes when booking hotels in Israel?

You are ready to reserve your hotels in Israel, what do you do? You go online and search ” hotels in Jerusalem, hotels in Tel Aviv”. You get hundreds of results, amazing pictures, sea view, old city view, 5 stars deluxe.

How to avoid critical mistakes when booking hotels in Israel?

We both know that many times those pictures don’t reflect reality.

Here are the 2 main questions that you have to ask yourself when booking hotels in Israel.

1) Is this a good neighborhood?
2) will I get a good value for my money?

Hi, my name is Yariv Hen, I’m the owner of Israeli guide and a licensed tour guide in Israel.

With my vast experience, knowledge of Israel and awareness of tourist expectations I can answer those questions and help you avoid critical mistakes when booking your hotels in Israel.

First! Do not relay on hotels classification that appears online. Only recently Israel adapted an official ranking system and it is still not mandatory.
Generally speaking, I would say that hotels in Israel and relatively expensive! All the rates I will quote are in USD per night in a double room.
Let’s talk about the various accommodation options in Israel:
I divide them to 5 categories: (let me make it clear it is my division and not an official one)

First category – Rental apartments/Airbnb

Recently many travelers choose Airbnb as an inexpensive option. When you do so please remember the following:
• first, Location- you cannot estimate if it’s good or bad based on the map they provide. You have to consult with someone local, or look at its location compared to the main hotels.
• Second, if you cannot get a full perspective of the apartment from the pictures including the outside, bathrooms and views- don’t book.
• Breakfast is not included like in the hotels.

Second category- Youth hostels and Kibbutz

Here we have a very basic level that includes guest houses, youth hostels and kibbutz hotels. Depending on the nature of your trip you can find a bed in dormitories for as less as 25$ pp. I recommend Abrahams hostels and “Israel youth hostels association”.

Third category – here you will find hotels around 100-150 – Be very careful with this category!!! The rates are appealing, but there is always a catch! The catch can be- bad location, poor maintains or poor service.

Forth category– There are many boutique hotels that are very nice and will give you good value for your money. Range of rates from 150-250. Please note that most of them will not have a swimming pool. the Atlas, Prima and Dan chains is very recommended.

On the last and Fifth category you will find hotels that defines themselves as 5 stars hotels.
The good ones start from 350. I would also be careful from Hotels in this category that gives rates around 250. I’m not saying they are all bad, just check carefully what you are getting.
• TripAdvisor is a very efficient tool to use when booking hotels in Israel and all over the world- use it!
I do hope that my guiding lines helped selecting your hotels and I would love to hear your impression. If you liked it, you might want to take a look at my 10 amazing tip list for your trip in Israel.