Helicopter flight to Massada and Dead sea

The most visited national park in Israel is Massada and there is a reason for that. Accept for the interesting history of the place, its location is remarkable and astonishing.
Flying to Massada with a helicopter is even more amazing, or in the words of one of the clients that did that in the past, just as he landed with face covered with a big smile: “wow, I have taken many helicopter flights in my life, but without no doubt, this flight is something that one must not miss!”

Helicopter flight to Massada and Dead sea

The helicopters in Israel are usually flown by Israeli air force veteran and equipped with the latest technology. The helicopter is surrounded with many windows that enables you to see the view around. It is mostly air-conditioned, a fact that is crucial to the Israeli summer and also has an advanced audio system in which you will hear the guide’s explanations.
Helicopter flight from Tel Aviv to Massada takes approximately 45 minutes and on the way you will be able to enjoy 4 totally different areas of Israel.

You will start with flying along the cost of Israel and the Mediterranean Sea, seeing the big and modern city of Tel Aviv and on the other hand the old and traditional city of Jaffa. Flying over Jaffa you will be able to look down and sea the biblical city, the ancient port and the churches towers.

On the second part of your flight you will be flying over the Tuscany of Israel, Rechovot, Ramle Latrun and many other small villages located in the lowland of Israel, and area that is known for vineyards and wineries.

Slowly the helicopter will climb the mountains of Judea, till you get to the summit, where you will be able to sea Jerusalem. flying over Jerusalem is one of the advantages of a helicopter tour to Massada. You will be able to see from above the old city and its sacred sites as you continue to the last part of this flight, to the Judean desert.

This is an exceptional part where usually (with the permission of the authorities) the pilot will fly lower and will do maneuvers, following the desert streams. An impressive monastery will appear to our eyes as we fly over the desert- St. george. A 5th century monastery that is built hanging on the cliffs.

Passing that, flying another minute and then in a split of a second you will see the dead sea, when you cross the cliffs line of the Syrian African rift.
You will continue flying towards Massada, following the cliffs on you right and the dead sea and Jordan on your left. Words cannot express the feeling that you will have during the unforgettable helicopter flight to Massada and the Judean desert.

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