planning a trip to Israel

You are planning a trip to Israel- awesome! where will you start the trip? Jerusalem? Tel Aviv? How many days should you spend in every place?
Indeed, it is critical moment in planning your trip!
My name is Yariv Hen, I’m the owner of Israeli guide and a licensed tour guide in Israel.
Here are some guiding lines for your trip to Israel:
One of the most common mistakes that people make when planning their trip, is booking the hotels before they have an itinerary.
This is way, just before you make this mistake, I’m gone give you the guiding lines in planning your itinerary in Israel.
When I plan an itinerary I divide the country to 3 touring areas that are relevant to my accommodation: Center, North and south

planning a trip to Israel

The center of Israel:

I include in this area: Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and also the Dead sea and Massada that can be reached from Jerusalem in just 1-hour drive.
Tel Aviv is definitely the place to start your trip in Israel. You can easily spend 2 days in Tel Aviv, enjoy the beaches, old Jaffa and learn about the foundation of the state of Israel. From Tel Aviv you can also travel to Jerusalem, or along the cost and back in a one-day trip.
Jerusalem- the holiest and most important city in the world!! You should dedicate at least 2 days just for the city. You can stay longer if you wish to visit close places such as: Massada, Judean desert, dead sea, lowland, Bethlehem…
The north of Israel- includes the Galilee and the Golan heights. This region is full of historical and biblical sites, amazing landscape, Hikes, adventure activities and unique food.
You can easily spend here a week, yet the minimum required is 2 to 3 days. Do not miss the galilee.

The south of Israel:

I include in this area the Negev desert and Eilat. Most people coming to Israel, certainly on their first trip will not have time to get here. If it’s not your first time in Israel, you can plan a trip from the center to Eilat, stopping for 1 or 2 nights at the Ramon crater.
Eilat is a city that you can spend another day or two and make it a base to get to Petra for a day trip.
So summering it, for an 8 to 10 days trip to Israel- you start with 2 to 3 days in Tel Aviv, you continue to the Galilee for another 3 days and you end in Jerusalem for the last 3-4 days including Massada and the dead sea.

I do hope that guiding lines helped you plan your trip and would love to hear your comments, questions and thoughts.

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