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Q: It's my first time in Israel. What do you think is the best way to get a taste of the different sides that Israel has to offer?
Q: I really want to see Israel with a tour guide but I'm afraid that a private tour in Israel is too expensive for me. How can I enjoy touring Israel with a guide and still stay within my budget?
I would like to know how much money it will cost to travel Israel with a private tour guide.

• Q: If I have just one or two days available for touring, where do you advise me to go?


A: If you have only 1-2 days to see IsraeliGuide recommends seeing the sights of Jerusalem for at least one day followed by a trip to the Dead Sea. These two places are unique; there is nowhere else remotely like them in the whole world.


       Taking one of our Jerusalem tours and Dead Sea trips will ensure you make the most of what little time you have available. We can devise itineraries that take in all your preferred sights but still leave you with quality time to gain an overview of each place. You may not be there for long, but with IsraeliGuide you will be left with a lasting impression.


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Q: What is the difference between a group tour and a private tour?

A : When traveling to Israel group tours are recommended for those who are traveling alone or who want to meet other people.  Group tours not only provide a social opportunity but can be more economic for those traveling on their own.


        However, if you have more than four people it works out cheaper to take a private tour. Israel private tour s are not only lighter on your pocket but can also be tailored to your needs and interests. You can see more in a private tour because you are not attached to forty other people. One benefit of private tours is that you can plan unique experiences, such as hiking up Masada in time for a stunning sunrise. Another advantage is that we can take you to lesser known places off the tourist trail.


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Q: How long is each tour?


A: With private tours we can plan the tour itinerary according to your specific needs. However, you need to factor in a 2-3 hour journey in each direction for trips to the far north or south of Israel. A trip from Tel Aviv to the Golan Heights or Upper Galilee that includes the return trip can be as long as 14 hours. We therefore recommend a stay of 1-2 nights or more for trips to northern or southern parts of the country. One alternative is to take one of our helicopter tours, which not only provides thrills of its own but dramatically cuts down on travel time. 

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Q: What travel distance is included in a day tour & how much do you charge for each extra ‘km’ travelled?


A: Every one-day private tour includes up to 200 km in the price. We charge $1 for each extra kilometer unless you arrange an all-inclusive "fixed price deal".
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Q: How much do you charge for extra guiding hours?


A: Israeliguide doesn't charge for any extra hours – the price is the same whether your tour lasts for 2-3 hours or 14 hours. Our prices are fixed by the tour itself, leaving you to relax and enjoy your day without worrying about spiraling costs.

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Q: Is it safe to travel Israel?

A: Traveling to Israel is no more dangerous then traveling around the US or Europe! Most of the violent events that you hear about on the news are not close to tourist sites. Nevertheless IsraeliGuide keeps fully up date with local events in case of a change in the security situation.  You can rest assured that all our trips are planned with your security uppermost in our minds so that when you travel to Israel you can leave all the security considerations to us.
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Q: How much does it cost to spend the night in Tel Aviv?

A:  Depending on the type of accommodation prices start from $50 and can rise to $500 at top luxury hotels.  
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Q: What is the best time of year to travel to Israel?

A:  Many people enjoy visiting Israel in the spring due to the pleasant weather; however each season has its own unique character.  

       In the winter (November - January) you can take one of our desert tours and witness the consequences of seasonal floods; a spectacular scene of blossoming, exotic flowers.  In the springtime (February-April) the country is covered in flowers, green plants and sees a variety of colorful fruit, ripening on the trees. The waterfalls up north are gushing and nature can be seen, heard and smelt in every direction. The Israeli summer (June- August) is known for its hot weather but at least we can almost guarantee that no rain will interfere with your plans. Fall (September- November) usually has the most comfortable touring weather.    



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Q: Why take a private tour in Israel?


A: To get the most out of your trip to Israel we recommend using private Israel Tour Guides. Here are 10 reasons for choosing a private guide in Israel

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Q: What is the cheapest way to travel around Israel?

 A: Whether you are traveling alone or are with friends or family and wish to join others, a group tour is the cheapest way to see Israel. Group tours give you the added benefit of traveling in the company of others, making new friends and being given interesting background and information on the sites you visit. For great value and a wonderful experience, check out our list of  Israelday tours.
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Q: How much does a private tour in Israel cost?

A: The cost of private tour guide services in Israel depends upon the size of the car being used. Our tour guides can arrange transportation of all sizes and we can provide a quote once we have details of your group size. If you solely require the services of a tour guide without a car the cost is $300 per day . For more rates click here.


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