Bar Mitzvah tours
The most creative programs for Bar mitzvah trip.

Emotional Bar Mitzvah ceremony at the western, we take care of everything!! We reserve the site at the wall, we bring: the Rabbi (orthodox, conservative or reform), the drummers and the shofars, the tour guide, the food and all the other coordination needed.

We have no doubt that this trip will be the one that you will remember forever! This special itinerary allows you to see all the important sites in Israel in addition to energetic competitive and fun game. Seeing Israel through the eyes of Israeli Guide with our unique 11 days Bar Mitzvah trip!!

8 Days Bar Mitzvah trip in Israel. classic sites along with some challenge and finishing with Bar mitzvah ceremony.

Bar Mitzvah on top of the famous mountain in Israel: Massada- A truly spiritual and unique Bar Mitzvah ceremony at the top of Massada. Knowing that 2000 years ago our ancestors struggled bravely survive here makes this ceremony a very special one.


Travel With Bar Mitzvah Tours In Israel

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