Jerusalem private tours

This tour, includes the highlights of the new city of Jerusalem. The shrine of the book, holocaust museum, Machane yehuda market and more.

Walk in Jerusalem in the footsteps of Jesus from Mount of Olives through the road of the cross to the church of the holy sepulture

A one day tour of Jerusalem including the modern city with holocaust museum and shrine of the book, as well as the highlights of the old city: Mount of Olives, temple mount, western wall, church of the Holy Sepulcher in the Christian quarter.

Jerusalem has a magical and electrifying atmosphere at night. Therefore this tour will start at midday and will end in the night. We will start with walking on the walls ramparts, we will feel like our ancestors who built the walls and we’ll see a remarkable view from above.

We will start our morning with a beautiful view over the old city from Mount of Olives. Then we will participate in a archaeological experience – we will sort out ancient remains from soil that was brought from the temple mount

We will start our morning with a beautiful view over the old city from Mount of Olives and then we’ll visit at the church of all nations (church of agony- also known as Gethsemane, the place where Jesus was captured in his last night.

Bethlehem is the birthplace of King David, meaning City of Bread as a result of the wheat crop that grew in the region. According to Christian tradition, Jesus was born there. We will drive to Bethlehem via Nativity Circle;

This tour combines a classical tour of Jerusalem and some free time at the dead sea, enjoying the the mud and the minerals of the sea.

This tour combines the highlights of the old city of Jerusalem with a unique experience in the best market in the world- Machne Yehuda