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Enjoy your own private tour guide in Israel

There are three ways you can tour Israel:

  • Alone,
  • With a group tour,
  • With a private tours.

Israel Private tours – Israeli Guide ltd offers a comprehensive range of exciting private tours that span the whole country and help you to discover a range of fascinating places that will truly bring Israel to life. 

We highly recomend to take a private tour, here are s Top Ten Reasons to Take a Private Tours Israel.

Below are samples of popular private tours which cater for all interests and ages. Take a look through what we can offer and take your first steps in planning your very own itinerary.

Here you can find few of private tours jerusalem options.

Our tour options to the Judean desert, Massada and the dead sea

Tours to the Galilee and the Golan heights. with fascinating landscapes, cultures and traditions.

This area is also known as the Tuscany of Israel thanks to the beautiful landscape and the many wineries in the region.

Bar Mitzvah trip in Israel that will include an emotional ceremony at the wall, Massada, ancient synagogue in the Galilee of any other place you choose.

For people how wants to experience Israel differently, in a more challenging, out of the ordinary way.

Private excursions from the port of Haifa and the port of Ashdod


Private tour guide israel

About choosing the best Israel tour guide , Israel is a great country to visit for a family vacation.  Private tour guide israelSuch a family holiday will make for a great opportunity for the children to learn about the history and culture of this land. Israel offers a unique vacationing atmosphere – one where your children can have an educational experience that is not only informative but also fun and full of adventure. Private tour guide israel, However, for you to enjoy all this you will need the services of a capable Israel tour guide. This arrangement will ensure that you have nothing else to worry about other than having fun and the best holiday experience. How do you discern a capable tour guide from the rest?

private tour guide israel – An important fact that you should know as you plan for a vacation in Israel is that there are literally thousands of tour guides in the country. Private tour guide israel, However, before you can engage the services on any Israel tour guide you have to ensure that the guide is licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism. This ministry vets all prospective guides when they are applying for their permits. To get this license one has to go through a rigorous course so as to qualify and become a licensed tour guide. In this way the government makes certain that only the highest quality applicants can become tour guides.

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Due to the fact that the process of becoming a licensed tour guide is so rigorous in Israel, becoming one means that you are incredibly passionate about the country. A passionate tour guide is definitely what you need to ensure that you have a great time in Israel.

Private tours israel Further, while most tour guides cover the whole country, there are some guides that specialize in different market segments. This is another important factor to consider before engaging the service of an Israel tour guide because you will want a guide who can take you to all of the sites that you would like to visit. Last but not least, money is factor that should also be considered; choose a tour guide who is within your budget.

There is no doubt that choosing the right private tours israel is an important factor that can make your stay in the country hugely successful. It is therefore imperative for you to do some thorough preparation as you plan for your trip. You can start by searching for tour guides through various websites. Contact the guides that you think have what you are looking for and ask questions that you think will help on making your stay in Israel as comfortable as possible. Remember that you will be spending a lot of time with your Israel tour guide and therefore this decision should not be taken lightly- private tours israel.

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