Terms & conditions

      Billing options:

  • cash
  • credit cards (Visa or Mastercard only) 
  • Bank transaction
  1. All rates are accurate to the time of confirmation. Change in rates can occur due to changing in USD rate in Israel. In order to ensure the rates that appear on the confirmation, it is possible to pay in advance all the money.
  2. Payment with credit card will be charged with Israeli New Shekels (NIS) and not in USD. the exchanging rate from USD to NIS will be as appears on “Cash sell”. there for it is possible that the billing notification from credit card company will show up to 1% difference up or down.  
  3. Cancellation notification will be in written only to fax n: +972-35422827, USA/Canada Toll Free  1888-881-1877  or email: offce@israeliguide.com at least 14 days before the tour. groups of more then 15 people cancellation notification must be 45 days in advance.
  4. In other case

    Terms & conditions

    Time before


    Less then 14 days


    Less then 7 days


    Less then 72H



    Exceptions for Cancellation charge- force majeure 


    Refund of advance payment if tour is cancelled according to the terms excluding 300 USD for our expenses.  

  5. It is up to the client to cover guide’s lodging on private tours when the tour includes overnights outside of Tel Aviv. Additional 120 USD per night (this term is not valid in package deals and group tours) 

  6. Guide’s meals expenses during private tour will be covered by the client.

  7.  “Israeli guide” is doing its best to provide you excellent tourism services, yet subcontractors (Hotels, attractions, group tours, sites) are the only ones in charge of their services.  

  8. All travelers mast secure their belongings “Israeli guide” will not be responsible for any loss of personal belongings, valuable things or money during the tours

  9. Appreciation tips are not included in the price

The Most important term is having a fun, exciting and unforgettable trip


 Hotels Reservations:Terms & conditions:


  • The rates are quoted in US Dollars, per double room per night with bed and breakfast.
  • Israeli Guide ltd. will reserve regular rooms as default unless agreed else. Executive rooms, suites and rooms with better views are available on request.  

  • The attached rates are valid for tourists only and do not include VAT .
  • Check- in time: 15:00 (on Saturdays & Motzei holidays-late evening :2 hours after sunset ).   Check- out time:11:00.

        Cancellations and Non-shows (for individuals)  :

  • During all seasons we will charge 1 night cancellation fee for cancellations up to 4 days prior to arrival.

Peak seasons : Jewish ,Christian Holidays & August 2 nights cancellation fee for cancellation up to 8 days prior to arrival.


  • down-payment of 30% should be received by Israeliguide ltd on the day of reservation. 50% to be paid by the end of the month prior to arrival. final payment on arrival.
  • If payments are not received as per agreed schedule, Israeliguide ltd. will not be bound to honor reservations even if confirmed.