24 hours in Jerusalem

Some of the things that you should explore when you have only 24 hours in Jerusalem

Jerusalem is a beautiful city and if you spend several of your days, then also you may not explore all the amazing things that are offered by this city. But some people get only 24 hours in Jerusalem and yet they get fantastic fun in this city. In case, you also have only one day to explore the fun in things in this city, then here I am sharing some of the things that you should do in that one day to have great fun.


Start with Israeli breakfast: To utilize your 24 hours in jerusalem tours, you would need energy and you may get that energy with a traditional Israeli breakfast. This breakfast would be light enough so you can keep agile and it will be filled with nutrition’s as well to keep you energized until the lunch time. You get multiple options for breakfast so you can try one that suits you best.

Chose morning bus tour: If you have short time for the tour, then a morning bus tour would be the most convenient way for you to explore the sights in Jerusalem. You can hop into a double decker bus that is dedicated for the tour in this place. In one trip, you can explore all the beautiful and important places of Jerusalem. These places will include Mount Zion, Safra square, Jaffa gate , the khan theater, ammunition hill and many other places. You can get out of the bust that look interesting to you and you can catch other bus to continue your tour.

Learn the history with time elevator: Learning the history of this city would be one of the best things that you can do especially when you have only 24 hours in Jerusalem. To learn this history, you can try the Jerusalem time elevator which is an amazing combination of science and history. You will have a sensory experience while trying this and you may explore almost everything that happen in this city from ancient time till now.

Along with that, you should also not miss the lunch dinner and drinks in this city. Food and drinks may not be a great specialty for many places, but if you are in Jerusalem, then things would be always great for you. So, you should try that as well when you have short time to explore this city and I am sure, you will have really amazing and fantastic time in your stay.

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