Holy Land Tour Packages

More Economical Holy Land Tour Packages

Israel Vacation Packages is the exceptional option to bridge the time gap during your vacation period and to bring smile on your face.

Israel tour packages enable you to have enough time to visit the holy land as you save more, thus prolonging your time there. Being one of the most holy places in the world, it is consequently the great source of achieving the supernatural atmosphere. You should know that it is the only Jewish state on earth which carries the credit of having the historical and religious roots in the biblical land of Zion. There are wonderful places to see in Israel, historical and biblical places but also landscapes, unique cultures and even great nightlife.  

Holy Land Tour Packages

Have a look at the destinations inclusive in the holy land tour package:

Swim at the dead sea – an intensely salty, mineral-rich body of water, where it is not possible to sink. Expect to see people reading their newspapers whilst lying in the sea! The mineral deposits are reputed to possess health giving properties. Even if you do not think that, it’s enjoyable just to cover yourself in it.

Jerusalem’s Mea She’arim region is residential to the country’s biggest community of strictly observant Orthodox Jews where you will find the East European dress and traditions alive.

Visit some markets. Enjoy Tel Aviv’s interesting Shuk HaCarmel, or Carmel Market, which features great selections of seasonings, flowers, fresh foods and trinkets. In Jerusalem tours, haggle for everything from real gold jewelry to souvenirs.

Visit the desert and stay with a nomadic tribe under canvas – an amazing night!

Dive in the world class waters of Eilat – full of reefs and perfect underwater exploring. If scuba isn’t for you, you can opt for snorkelling or even a submarine tour. Eilat’s incredible Underwater Observatory provides you with the chance to watch the stunning creatures without even getting your toes damp!

Dome of the Rock. The spectacular dome stands high on Temple Mount and has religious significance for both Jews and Muslims.

Masada is the ruins of the Palace of King Herod constructed on the ridge of Masada. It was the site of a fierce battle where Jews made their last stand battling the Romans.

The famous stones of the Western Wall in Jerusalem are worn smooth by many years of touching. Prayers are written on paper and pushed between the stones.

Stay on a Kibbutz. They’re located across Israel and are based upon individuals working and living together.

Israel has over 50 national parks and nature reserves – all of which are worth an outing.

Inside the largest city, Tel Aviv you can indulge your urban tastes. It offers museums, opera, theatre, dance and good quality restaurants with fine foods from all over the world.

Beaches are in abundance. You are able to sail, go swimming, sunbathe or waterski, sometimes in locations only minutes from the city centre.