10 amazing tips when travelling in Israel

Hi, my name is Yariv Hen, I’m the owner of Israeli guide and a licensed tour guide in Israel. And here are my 10 amazing tips for travelling in Israel.

1) The best weather to visit Israel is from February to April, excluding Jewish holidays.

2) When you take a Taxi from the airport use only the authorized taxi station at floor G gate 3.

3) When taking a taxi in Israel- always set the price in advance and ask for a receipt. On the receipt you will have the driver’s information in case you forgot something in the taxi or you want to file a complaint.

4) Hotel rates in the east side of Jerusalem can be very appealing, yet the neighborhood is not amazing- understatement. In Jerusalem- Do not book hotels in the old city or east side.

5) Jerusalem on the other hand is the holiest and most important city in the world!! This is way I highly recommend to have a professional guided tour in the city. A city of 3000 years of history, multiple cultures and so many stories that only a professional tour guide can bring to live. You can of course hire me, but if my service is too expensive for you, I’ll tell you a secret- You can book 3 hour free tour that departs daily from Jaffa gate at 11 am and 2pm.

6) There are many Markets in Israel but the one you must see is Machne Yehuda in Jerusalem. buy a prepaid tasting ticket that enables you to explore the market and taste the amazing food.

7) Public transportation in Israel is very limited!! You can get from one main city to the other but do not count on public buses to get you to touristic sites outside the cities and nature reserves.

8) Driving a rental car in Israel can be complicated, although most signs are in English, it is not easy to find your way, therefore, if you are plaining to rent a car, you must plan extra time for
getting lost.

9) Do not book hotel in Tiberius for Friday night- the city is shut down and very boring in general. In addition to that there is no reason to spend a night in Haifa, Nazareth, nor the dead sea area– it’s location does not serve your itinerary.

10) If you wish to visit the tomb of Jesus at the church of the holy Sepulchre expect a long line of up to 1 hour. To avoid that try to get there before 9 am or after 7 pm.

11) My eleventh last and best tip for you, save money for your second trip, cause you gona fall in love with this country and there is nothing you can do about it.


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