Tel Aviv trip

Tel Aviv is not the largest city in Israel nor the capital of the state, yet for most visitors Tel Aviv will serve as the base for their trip. A place to start your trip in Israel and to end it there.
Tel Aviv is relatively a new city that was founded only in 1909 by Jewish people who left the old city of Jaffa, searching for better future for their children. It is amazing to see one of the first pictures of Tel Aviv with the founders of the city sending on sand dunes making a lottery on pieces of shells. surrounded by sand dunes only a 100 years ago and now at the exact spot you have one of the busiest cities in Israel with sky-rises and hundreds of restaurants.

What is there to do in Tel Aviv?

A tour in Tel Aviv is a tour to the early days of the State of Israel, when this city raised from the sand. You can start with a tour in Jaffa that today is part of Tel Aviv, but in the past was separated city with long historical and biblical roots.

The contrast between Jaffa and Tel Aviv is amazing and it enables the visitors to appreciate the old and the new at the same time.
Jaffa is also a good place to eat Humus at Abu Hassan, Sambusak at Abu El-Afia and Shakshuka at Dr. Shakshuka. After lunch you will love the flea market that offers all sorts of things and a peaceful time just to walk around.

One of my most favorable and emotional places in Tel Aviv is the hall of independence. The place where Israel’s first prime minister, David Ben gurion declared the foundation of the state. I cannot stop myself from thinking that without that moment in history, a moment that lasted 30 minutes, I would not be here. Many Israelis would not be here, as this moment change the course of history entirely and dramatically! First time after 2000 years the Jewish people is able to return to its homeland- WOW.

The “white city” in Tel Aviv was declared in 2003 by UNESCO as a world heritage site, with over 4000 buildings, built in international architecture known as Bauhaus. This is the highest concentration of Bauhaus buildings in the world!!

Another thing to do in Tel Aviv is enjoy the many museums that the city has to offer, such as: Museum of diaspora, Palmach museum, Rabin heritage museum, Museum of Art and more…

When in Tel Aviv in the summer, you will of course enjoy the many nice beaches that are spread from north to south but please do not forget to drink a lot and to protect yourself from the Israeli sun!

At the end of the day you can just enjoy the many coffee places on the streets of the city and join other people’s sport- watching other people.

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Author: Yariv Hen, licensed tour guide in Israel