The amazing race Bar Mitzvah trip in Israel
11 days Bar Mitzvah program with a lot of action

The amazing race in Israel is a program that was developed by Nekudat hen- Israeli Guide ltd.  All the rights are reserved to Nekudat hen- Israeli Guide ltd. Any Copying, distributing, publishing on any other name but Nekudat hen- Israeli Guide ltd  is forbidden.

This program is unique and allows you to visit all the most important sites in Israel along with having fun, funny and unforgettable trip!!

This trip is a competitive trip that includes adventures assignments for all the family.

It’s an individual or family competition in which the winner or winners will win a great prize!!   

Day 1- arrival day

On your arrival to Israel one of our representatives will meet you at the airport with a welcoming sign of the amazing race of Israel

Then we will transfer you to your hotel in Tel Aviv.

Optional VIP service: escort you from the door of the aircraft to passport control, we will assist you with all the Israeli procedures, collect your luggage

Overnight: Tel Aviv


Day 2- jaffa and tel aviv

On our first morning in Israel!!

After breakfast we will get our first mission for the day. Each team will get the budget for the entire trip. This amount of money will have to last till the end of the trip in Israel.

You will also get an Israeli phone or SIM card that will help you get in touch with us.

You will have to find the fasts way to get to our opening point of the tour in Tel Aviv the instructions will be in Hebrew what will make it more difficult.

After visiting the first site we will tour the old city of Jaffa, listening to the guide during the tour will help you remember important information that you will need in the future…

Later on we will have our first Israeli lunch- Shakshuka! Yummy!

Our next stop will be out of Tel Aviv the Ayalon institute. This site holds an incredible story from the early days of Israel.

Overnight: Tel Aviv



Day 3- along the coast to the galilee

Today we will have a long day that will end at far north of Israel.

Depart Tel Aviv to Mount Carmel;  stopping on the way at the old city of Caesarea a Roman city with Roman structures such as amphitheater, hippodrome, hot bath and more.

On the outset of the day, the representatives of the Roman Legion will welcome the participants and explain the special tasks they have to achieve. Once the signal is given, the teams go on their separate ways throughoutthe National Park, utilizing teamwork, initiative, intelligence and physical abilities in order to accomplish the tasks as fast as possible and be victorious.


We’ll continue to Akko – The knight’s halls, the Templar’s tunnel and the ancient port. In Akko, along with the tour you will have several assignments: translate and Arab sentence, find a fish at the market and more… 

We’ll continue to our last site of the day the grottos of Rosh Hanikra, we’ll take the cable car down to the grottos and we will also “touch” the border with Lebanon.

Overnight:  Kibbutz in Galilee


Day 4- upper galilee

This day we travel to the upper galilee

We will drive along the border with Lebanon and pass near mount Meron. We will arrive to Safed one of the holy Jewish cities where we will tour the ancient synagogues and do some shopping at the art galleries.

From Safed we will arrive to Moshav Ramot Naftali. Each team will get his on ATV (all-terrain vehicle, must have driving licensed to drive). We will start our off road assignments with the ATVs.

At the end of that we will visit a local boutique winery and taste the local wine.

We will end the day with a beautiful view over the Hula valley.

Essential: hat & sunscreen (summer time) warm clothes (winter time), comfortable shoes, water, cameras .

 Overnight: Kibbutz in Galilee


Day 5- Hula valley

After an amazing Galilean breakfast we will start another exciting day!!

We start our morning at the Canada center in Matula, the must northern town in Israel. Over there will have few assignments that will include: ice-skating, gun shooting and basketball!


Winter time we will go to Hula valley driving golf cart and watching birds..   

Summer time: kayaking on the Jordan River including more fun and more assignments

Overnight: Kibbutz in Galilee


Day 6- the Golan

After another delicious Galilean breakfast we will start our day at the Golan.

We will start by visiting at a former Syrian post- Tel Facher, were we will hear the story of battle. At the Syrian bunker we will have to find clues that will help us later on in the game.

We then continue to valley of tears- Amek Habacha. Our guide will tell us the story of the place and later on we will drive to Kibbutz El rom to see a move about the Yom Kippur war.

Our next stop is mount Bental were we will explore the volcano from the back of a horse. At the top of the mountain we will get our second clue that will help us later on..

Arrive to Kazarin the capital of the Golan Heights for lunch.

Then we continue to our last site on the Golan- Gamla nature reserve. Our guide will tell us about the history of the site and then we will continue back to our hotel.

Overnight: Kibbutz in Galilee


Day 7- The Dead Sea

Depart from the hotel in the galilee and drive to the Judean desert.

After a drive of 2:00 hours we will get to Ein Gedi nature reserve.

Short hike at David stream will reveal to us the wonders and the beauty of the desert.

The teams will have to compete in a water assignment.

From Ein gedi we go to the beach to enjoy a dip in the most concentrate lake of salt in the world. This salt allows us to float on the water reading the newspaper. A remarkable sensation, unequal to anything! Even non-swimmers can enjoy the sea! Thermo-mineral Sulphur water and of course the famous therapeutic black mud is available freely at the beach.

Overnight: hotel at the Dead Sea.


Day 8- Massada and the judean desert

This part can be done early in the morning to watch the sunrise or a regular departure and use the cable car to the top of the mountain.

Massada was declared in 2002 as world heritage site by UNESCO. On this tour we will be amazed by ancient engineering techniques, the wilderness and the human story that took place here 2000 years ago.

The Bar Mitzvah ceremony can be coordinate at Massada’s ancient synagogue 

After this tour we will continue to a Bedouin tent in the desert, where we will learn about the Bedouin tradition. We will ride camels and we will have Bedouin food at the tent.

Overnight: Jerusalem


Day 9- Old Jerusalem

We will start our morning with a beautiful view over the old city from Mount of Olives. Then a tour to the City of David takes us viewers 3,000 years back in history to the days of King David. The journey quickly heads underground to some of the newest archaeological excavations at the site. The underground tour finally ends at the Gihon Spring, there we’ll take out flashlights and wade through the spring in King Hezekiah’s 2,700 year old water tunnel, one of the wonders of early engineering.

After touring the city of David it is only natural that we will pay last respect in King David’s tomb in mount Zion. At happens to be that right above the tomb we will find the famous last supper room.

After lunch we’ll walk through the old city in a 4 quarters tour – enjoying the colorful variety of religions and this unique city. The tour includes the Arab market, the church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Roman Cardo, the Herodian quarter and of course the Wailing Wall. (Tour in the Wailing Wall tunnels requires booking 2 months in advance)

Overnight: Jerusalem..

Day 10 –new Jerusalem

In the morning we will start our day with the holocaust museum- Yad Vashem.

We then visit the Israel museum and the shrine of the book. This is the place where we will see the Dead Sea scrolls.


Lunch will be at Machne Yehuda Market- where we will have a food assignment. First we will learn how to make a typical Israel food, and then we will have to buy the products in the market and finally we will have to cook it.

Overnight: Jerusalem..


Day 11- End of the trip- ceremony -departure

On this day we will summarize the points that you earned during your last 10 days in the amazing race.

In the morning you will have free time to enjoy your last day in Israel. 

Over lunch or dinner (depending on the return flights) we will have a ceremony in which we will declare the winners of the amazing bar mitzvah race.

Ending party.

Transfer to the airport for departure