Visit Israel


Visit Israel

Why choose Israel as your next vacation destination?

Me and you; we are not professional travelers; we travel few times a year. We travel to London, Paris, Caribbean islands and some of us even take it one step forward and travel to israel to the Far East.

Before you go traveling, you always consult with friends and family. Their opinion is very important! Yet what about hearing the opinion of someone that traveled to more than 60 countries on six continents?

When Michael Kohn, Lonely planet author, was asked what is the one place in the world that he recommends not to miss.  His answer was:

One has to stand on a rooftop early in the morning or during the Sunset in the Old City. Just listen to the vibrations of this place. Tears will fill your eyes.
It is an immensely deep and impressive experience.
In one moment you connect to thousands years of history and holiness of this place. If I had to recommend one place on the world that every tourist should visit – without a doubt it would be the Jerusalem Old City!!

(Michael Kohn has traveled to more than 60 countries on six continents and today works mainly as a journalist, travel book writer and photographer).

I have heard people saying so many times: “visiting Israel– is a dream that will come true one day”. “I wish I could visit Israel one day”, “I want to see the Holyland before I die”.

What makes people postponed their visit to Israel to the last moment? What makes people seeing their visit to Israel as an impossible mission?



  • Not an excuse! Israel is one of the safest countries in the world! Read more here  


  •  Not an excuse! Even if you come as individual to Israel, you can join a 10 days trip for less than 2500 USD+ the flight.

Too far?  

  • Not an excuse! Only 3-4 hours flight from Europe, 9 hours flight from NY.

I don’t ride camels !

  • Not an excuse! 64 years from the establishment of the state, Israel is a modern, western, leading country in the region and in the world. The roads are new and comfortable; the cars are Europeans, Americans and Japanese. Hotels in Israel are varies from 3* to deluxe 5* hotels.

The hit of the desert

  • Not an excuse! Large part of Israel is Deseret, yet even in the desert in every hotel or tourist attraction you will find air-condition.+ If you visit Israel from October to May you will enjoy a lovely weather.


So you run out of excuses and we all agree that you all must visit Israel one day- why not doing it NOW!!!    


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