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Jordan – Petra One Day Tour


Petra day trip from Eilat: 07:30 Departing daily this tour begins early morning at the Eilat hotels and heads to the Rabin Border between Eilat and Jordan. Here we enter Jordan and are met by our Jordanian tour staff. 

A 2 hour drive takes us from Aqaba to Petra, during the drive you are briefed by a specialist guide about the history and culture of Jordan. At the entrance to Petra horses are available (no fee) for the 10 min walk to the Siq Canyon. The imposing and beautiful Siq is in itself one of the main attractions in Petra. The walk through the Siq takes about 1/2 hour before that breathtaking and monumental moment of first stepping foot in Petra is upon you. One of the wonders of the world, Petra is an archaeological, anthropological and geological phenomenon. 

Your guide will share with you the legends, truths and myths of this astonishing city. The walk through Petra is made easy by the endless sights and fascinating facts. All of which bring to life a history as colorful as the sandstone rock from which it was carved.  Having explored the highlights of Petra, we stop at a restaurant within Petra to enjoy a hearty buffet lunch. Following lunch we begin the walk back to our vehicle – for this final walk participants may choose to hire the services of the local donkey, camel and carriage drivers. We rejoin our vehicle for the return journey to Eilat and arrive by evening.

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