Touring Jerusalem
Since the time of Abraham people have been traveling Israel and Jerusalem

Touring Jerusalem

Since the time of Abraham people have been traveling Israel and Jerusalem. It was Abraham who took his son Isaac to tour Jerusalem the first time as a jerusalem tour guide. This Jerusalem tour was not a sightseeing tour, but a tour that proved Abraham’s solid and unconditional faith in God.

At the place of the binding of Isaac stand today the Dome of the Rock, on its western side the Wailing Wall and less then 200 m’ from there the tomb of Jesus. For thousands of years, people from all around the world are traveling Jerusalem and are visiting the holy sites.

Touring Jerusalem can be one of you highlights experience of life, as many people will testify after a first visit. Due to the fact the all most holy sites in the world are concentrated in one city; Jerusalem is definitely the most holy city in the world. A tour in Jerusalem includes touring the foundation of humanity. For Over 5 billion people Jerusalem is a holy city and therefore they will consider visiting Jerusalem in the lifetime.

What is so special about Jerusalem?

History, archaeology, architecture, faith, flavors, colors, and especially, the way they all combine.

I can write books about Jerusalem but only after touring Jerusalem you will truly understand that this city is one of its kinds. There is no way to explain what is so special about Jerusalem, maybe it’s the air, maybe it’s the people and maybe it’s us.

For those of you who are planning on visiting Jerusalem you should be aware of the Jerusalem syndrome that might get you. It is cure-less disease, and it means that you will find yourself coming back to Jerusalem over and over again.


A Tour in Jerusalem will reconnect you to your roots, your past and will also recharge you with the energy you need for the future.

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