Tours in Israel

Tours in Israel

In this article you will find all the essential information about tourism Israel and what your tours in Israel should include.

Like any other country, there are many sites to see and many tours to take. Here we offer you to take  according to the number of days that you have to spend.

Tour Israel in one day

 the number one tour we recommend is the Jerusalem tour. Don’t try to save money by touring Jerusalem by yourselves. Jerusalem is the most important city in Israel and therefore on your tours in Israel we highly recommend you to take a guide for that.

2 days tour in Israel: after touring Jerusalem on the first day we recommend you tour the Dead Sea on the second day. Both Jerusalem and the Dead Sea are unique in Israel and therefore should be included in your tours in Israel.

The third day of your tours can take you to one of Israel’s archeological site up north like Caesarea, Armageddon, and Acre. In a day like that you can visit also Nazareth Cana and some other important Christian sites in the Galilee. Therefore 3 day tours in Israel can include: Jerusalem, Dead Sea area and lower Galilee. This can be a three single day tours in Israel from Jerusalem or Tel Aviv.

If you have 5 days and up to a week we recommend you stay few nights the Galilee. If your tours  include overnights in the Galilee you will not only tour Israel, but also experience its country life.

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If you have more than a week for your tour Israel you should defiantly spend some longer time  the desert and maybe even go to Eilat. In longer  you can hike in the Negev desert and even see Petra for one day.

When you are planning on taking tour Israel, we recommend taking a private guide for as many days as your budget will allow you.  On your tours Israel try to take a private guide in Jerusalem- it is the best way to really experience the most holy city in the world.  

Our Israeli experts’ guides will be happy to provide any information about tour Israel and to answer any questions you may have about Israel.

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