Airport Services and Transportation
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Airport Services  


Transportation from Ben Gurion Airport  

Number of people

  To Tel Aviv  

To Jerusalem

Luxury Car


100 USD

130 USD

+120 USD

130 USD

170 USD

+190 USD     

170 USD

250 USD

+ 270 USD



VIP Services  




Name of service

94 USD

Assistance from/to passport control

V.I.P  1

175 USD

Assistance from/to the aircraft

V.I.P 2

270 USD

for the 1st person+ 185$ for each additional guest


Assistance from/to the aircraft

(during that time guests stay at the V.I.P lounge)

V.I.P 3

25 USD

(1-2 pax)

Assistance from luggage area to exit gate.

Smile service

Rate is for up to 4 people.



  • All rates are in USD
  • Rates not including tips
  • Rates not including stops and driver waiting hours