Covid19 Updates:

Until further notice Israeli guide LTD will operate private tours and private tour packages only.

  • We are happy to share that all tour sites are open
  • All our cars will be daily sanitized for our clients
  • Our company will follow any new up date or regulation given by Israeli ministry of health

When considering a package tour to Israel:

How will I know to select out of the many package tours to Israel the one that is suitable for me?

Our first advice to you is to start with your budget. Your budget will define how many days you can have in your package tour and what is the level of the accommodation that you should include in your package.

You can fined tour packages that takes you throughout the country’s highlights in only 7 nights and will cost you as less as 1000 USD. The higher your budget is, the more days you can stay in Israel or alternately you can stay in higher level of accommodation. This issue also depends on your priority; do you prefer a tour package in Israel that gives you more days to see more sites or you rather take a shorter trip with nicer and luxurious hotels.

All tour packages in Israel includes: Accommodation with breakfast, guided excursions, transportation and admission fees to sites. Booking a tour package saves you a lot of time and money as you are given on a silver plate a tour that gets all the highlights of the country with no hidden costs; what you see is what you get and what you pay.

Most tour packages in Israel will include a day in Tel Aviv, few days in the Galilee and few days in Jerusalem. The minimum length of a tour in Israel should be no less then 7 days, this number of days will enable you to have an enjoyable and rich trip to Israel.

In some of the packages that continue 10 days and more you can even combine Jordan with a trip to Petra. This tour package is highly recommended to people that believe that the chances of coming back to this region is low. This way you can enjoy seeing not only Israel but also one of the wonders of the world that is located in a neighbor country.

All our tour packages includes a swim in the Dead sea, and if to me more accurate floating in the Dead Sea. This sensation is truly remarkable and one of a kind and it includes covering your body with the mineral rich mud that can be found on the beach.

In addition to all the information above you can also select a tour package according to the following criteria:

  1. Private tour packages- enables you to enjoy comfortable price with flexible tour that can be tailor made to your unique needs
  2. Thematic tour packages in Israel, will put the emphasis on sites that are more important to you, such as; Jewish sites or christian sites.
  3. Luxury package tours that gives you a VIP treatment from the moment you land, with luxury cars, luxury hotels, helicopter flights around the country and special concierge services.

when planing a trip to Israel, there is no easy way then to book one of our tour packages !