Helicopter Tour over Jerusalem
See the holiest city in the world from the eye of the bird


Seeing the most holy city in the world from above what spectacular sight!!

09:00- meet at the Herzelia/ Tel Aviv Helipad, introduction with your pilot.

09:30 take off and along the coast over the beach of Tel Aviv and head east to the mountains of Judea.

the flight is very comfortable and you can hear the pilot explanations on the radio system of the helicopter. we will pass over Latrun where the armored museum and MiniIsrael is. over the lowland and the hills of Judea up to the entrance of the new city of Jerusalem.

few more seconds and we will be over mount of olives, the temple mount and mount Zion. the sights is incredible!!!

after taking pictures of the old city from the air we will start our flight back to Tel Aviv.

land back in Tel Aviv 10:30.

* it is optional and also very recommended to land in Jerusalem and have a guided tour in the city. the helicopter can either wait for you or leave and you return with a car.