Where Did We Tour This Week
This tour diary will expose you to the" world of a tour guide", enabling you to virtually tour the city of Jerusalem, float at the Dead Sea and even walk in the footsteps of Jesus.

After touring Jerusalem for a day, a dear client of us suggested that we create a daily/weekly report of our tours. It will be kind of a Blog that allows our internet viewers to virtually join our tours.

We immediately thought that this is a great idea!

This will enable us to share with you our touring diary, our thoughts, our client’s thoughts, the sites that we like touring the most and maybe even some photos from the tours.

This tour diary will expose you to the” world of a tour guide“, enabling you to virtually tour the city of Jerusalem, floatat the Dead Sea and even walk in the footsteps of Jesus.

We really hope that you will like this tour diary and that it will help you understand what it is like to be a professional tour guide in Israel.  


Yariv Hen,

Founder, Israeli Guide LTD

Touring with ADAMA's Executive VP of Global Operations

A surprising phone call asking me if I’m available to guide tomorrow…

Yes, I answered.

Interesting tour is on the plan: leaving Tel Aviv and traveling along the coast all the  way to Rosh Hanikra. Yet is very important to keep an open mind as the client (1 person) would like to also find a potential place to live in Israel as he is moving to Israel to work as VP in Adama ltd.

So, this is how we started the tour…. first looking for a place to live in Israel, traying to take in consideration: children’s school, work location and traffic during rush hours. It was very interesting, and I felt really committed to find him the best place to live. Maybe a future profession for me will be a real estate agent ?

After exploring some residential sites, it was time to start the tour…

We headed to Caesarea and had a short but impressive tour at the ancient Roman city. We then continue to Haifa to see the Bahai gardens and arrived right in time for lunch and sightseeing in Akko, also known as Acre.

We where able to do all that and even to be back in Tel Aviv by 4pm….what a fun day it was…


Touring Israel with the Belchetz

Sometimes the good vibe starts from the very first moment!

The Belchetz family came for an 8 days trip to Israel with their 3 kids they came to explore the country backwards. Why do I say backwards?! Usually tours in Israel starts in Tel Aviv, go up to the north, to the Galilee and then arrive to Jerusalem.

With the Belchetz we started in Jerusalem, continue to the Galilee and then ended in Tel Aviv. We had so much fun, that I’m not sure if “following the book” is better or maybe doing things   backwards is better.IMG_20160728_153349

One of the advantages of doing thing backwards is that you are not traveling with the crowed. When we were in Jerusalem the crowed was in the Galilee, when we were in the Galilee the crowed was in Jerusalem and by the time we arrived at Tel Aviv the crowed already left Israel…..

January 27th- tour of Jerusalem with guests of Moroccan oil 

Arrived at the hotel at 10:00 am, where I met the company’s guess from Switzerland, Silvia and Moroccan oil host Candice.

wailing wall

wailing wall


For Silvia it was the first time in Jerusalem and the first time in Israel. right at the beginning of the drive we had a good connection and we had a good laugh. I have a lot of joy having joyful and friendly people on my tours, it makes the tour much more enjoyable.

Silvia wanted to enjoy the dead sea as well so our time in Jerusalem was very limited.

we started with the best view in the world- a view of the old city from mount of olives. then we headed to explore the old city. our first stop was at the western wall (wailing wall) in the Jewish quarter. after putting our wishes, we continued to the christian section.

we to the church of the holy sepulcher and stopped on the way for a hot Sachlab. this is a milky creamy drink that you can find in the old city of Jerusalem only in the winter time and on a cold day it’s the best drink ever!!!

after visiting the church and few of the stations of the cross we had fast lunch at the King of the Kabab.

we then returned to the car, stopping on the way at King David’s tomb on mount Zion.

we spent the end of the day at the dead sea beach were we experienced the feeling of floating in the lowest place on earth.

another great tour ended, another new friend from around the world.  

August 29th, 2013- touring Jerusalem with Peleg Hagalil, water cooperative.

I met the group on their way from Hatzor to Jerusalem. We stopped at Canada park for breakfast that was well organized and was prepared by the employees of the cooperative. The itinerary was very tight but we where able to see it all and enjoyed it a lot.

We started with a tour at Sorek cave- the biggest stalactites cave in Israel. Then we continueIMG_20150709_105408d to the city of David to learn about the fascinating history of the 3000 years old city. This part of the tour was for adventures people as we had to walk through an ancient water tunnel. For 30 minutes we walked with flash lights in the darkness in the water tunnel of King Hezekiah.

After that we drove to another cave in Jerusalem named after another king- Zadakia cave. This cave is an incredible huge cave that goes under half of the Muslim quarter.

After spending most of the day underground we were now ready to come out and have late lunch.

We had a great lunch at Machne Yehuda market and after that some free time for shopping at the market.

We ended the day at night at the Wailing Wall.


July 31st – August 3rd- Tour in the Galilee with the Rosin family

Many times I get asked by my clients what is my favorite site to tour in Israel. Every time I reply with the same answer- “there is no favorite site, I tour the same sites over and over again and they don’t change. The only thing that changes are the clients and this is what a LOVE about this work.IMG_20161114_105445

 I love meeting people, people from all over the world, old people and young people, families and students , Jewish people and Christians and Muslims and Buddhist.

After guiding some many people, it is hard to remember them all, but some of them I do remember like the Rosin family from Canada that I took this time on their second trip with me.

The first time I toured with them in almost every part of Israel, we did Segways in Tel Aviv, we hiked in the Galilee and we toured Massada and the Dead Sea. We took a lot of pictures and actually many of the pictures on the website where taken by Jeff Rosin.

It was absolutely great seeing them again! They have not changed a bit! Maybe only got younger._MG_9769

My company booked them 3 nights at Hotel Hagoshrim at the upper galilee and for 4 days we toured, and hiked and had good time.

When you guide people for the second time, it makes it harder as you do not want to repeat the same sites and the same stories. I discovered with the Rosin’s and many other “second timers” that it is never the same for them as well. I can always find new sites to visit, new hikes to hike and new stories to tell.

It is very hard for me to call people like the Rosin’s and many others CLIENTS as there are truly more than that- they are FRIENDS.

Sep 9th- YES, Israeli Satalite Company

I arrived at 07:30 to the meeting point at Kfar Sava and there was the bus waiting for the passengers to get on, it was a very bus that can carry up to 60 passengers. I rarely guide on big buses but I took this tour as the group where colleagues of my wife.

We had a long day full of adventure and fun ahead of us, a drive of 2 hours to the northern part of Israel to Kibbutz Kfar blum. During the long drive I didn’t want to waste the time sleeping and Israelis don’t like tour guides to explain about what they see on the right side of the bus or the left side of the bus (they know everything!!! At least this is what they think). So, I played JEOPARDY with them, it’s a game that I do on buses and it is really exciting, I get to teach them after all but in a game way+ you don’t notice but the 2 hours ride is over!

When we arrived we first set under the big nice trees at the site for breakfast. After breakfast the group got on their kayaks and sailed down the Jordan River. Here in Israel we call it Kayaking in the Jordan River. I didn’t go with the group because I wanted to surprise them with popsicles when they come out from the rafts at the end.

Next we continue to Manara cable car 5 minutes drive from the kayaks- the group got on the “mountain slides”- I don’t know what will be the best word to describe it but it is one of the most fun things ever. I told the group that no matter how fast it goes and no matter how scared you are- DON’T pull the breaks- go full power- it de best. Then I also told them when you are done for sure you will ask me for another ride- sorry I cannot give you another ride we have to go and have lunch…

Lunch was at Hotel Hagoshrim in Kibbutz Hagoshrim- everybody LOVED it, it was delicious!! After lunch the group had 2 free hours at the swimming pool of the hotel.

We returned to Kfar saba exactly at 8:00pm after a long day filled with fun and adventure.

Tour guide- Yariv Hen

Tour of Jerusalem with the Wilsons

We started our tour at 10:00 in Jerusalem. I picked up the Wilson couple and we decided to tour some of the less visited sites in Jerusalem.

We could not of course miss the view from Mount of Olives, so we stared over there.

Then we visited the Garden tomb, where no one can assure us that this is the place where Jesus was buried, but no doubt that the place looks more alike.  After that we continued to the ammunition hill, the place was a Jordanian army bunker that was bravely concord in the 6 days war. We walked in the tranches and I told them the story of the bottle accompanied by the song that was written about it…

We then drove through some of the ultra-orthodox neighborhoods of Jerusalem and explained about the way they live their life.

We ended the tour with a visit at the old city that is with-in the walls- with its 4 quarters and the main sites in each one of the quarters

Bar Mitzvah trip in Israel- Shapiro Family

We talk the Shapiro family on a 2 days Bar Mitzvah trip to the galilee.

If you are planning a Bar Mitzvah trip in Israel, you want it to be more than just the ceremony at the Wailing Wall. You want it to be exciting, adventures and unforgettable!

For the Bar Mitzvah ceremony we chose Pkein ancient synagogue, this synagogue was built 2000 years ago buy Jewish people who fled from Jerusalem after the distraction of the temple. The ceremony in this ancient synagogue was very emotional. After that we went touring the village and then to the extreme part of the tour- the Rappelling.

During the Rappelling, you can see the amazing view of the hula valley and the Golan Heights, the upper galilee and even Lebanon.

After lunch we proceeded to the Jordan River to do kayaking on rafts. It was very wet and very fun.

The next day was even more exciting…