How To Select City of David Guided Tours Planning a trip to Butler County Us is considered to be one of the most exciting and

The most visited national park in Israel is Massada and there is a reason for that. Accept for the interesting history of the place, its

Hi, my name is Yariv Hen, I’m the owner of Israeli guide and a licensed tour guide in Israel. And here are my 10 amazing

You are ready to reserve your hotels in Israel, what do you do? You go online and search ” hotels in Jerusalem, hotels in Tel

You are planning a trip to Israel- awesome! where will you start the trip? Jerusalem? Tel Aviv? How many days should you spend in every

Massada is the most visited national park in Israel with over 800,000 visitors every year. It’s location in the heart of the Judean desert, overlooking

Haifa is the fourth largest city in Israel, it is situated on the evergreen mountain- Mount Carmel. On the edge of Mount Carmel, it is

Yad Vashem, is the national holocaust museum in Israel. It was constructed as a result of a law that was issued in the Israeli parliament

Tel Aviv is not the largest city in Israel nor the capital of the state, yet for most visitors Tel Aviv will serve as the

Tel Aviv is THE city in Israel, although it is not the capital of Israel, it is considered to be the financial center of Israel.

When travelling to Israel, the tour at the old city of Jerusalem will leave an inerasable mark on your hearts. Michael Kohn works as a

Touring the Dead sea region in Israel, is touring one of the most unique areas in the whole world. The Dead sea area is exceptional

We have collected the most important information that you should consider when you are planing a trip to Israel. the information appears here in the

  Visit Israel Why choose Israel as your next vacation destination? Me and you; we are not professional travelers; we travel few times a year.

Israel guide Israel Guide book is something that I can’t and will not try to convince you not to buy. There are many Israel guide

Tours in Israel In this article you will find all the essential information about tourism Israel and what your tours in Israel should include. Like

Touring Jerusalem Since the time of Abraham people have been traveling Israel and Jerusalem. It was Abraham who took his son Isaac to tour Jerusalem

    Touring Israel- is it safe?   Unfortunately a substantial number of people would not consider Israel as a tourism destination. Unlike many others,

  Israel is a small country packed with an amazing array of historical sites, religious remnants and beautiful beaches. It has a predominantly western culture with