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Israel Tour Guide – Travel To Israel With Israeli Guide

Israeli Guide was established in 2000 and over the past decade, We had the privilege of organizing and leading tours in Israel for thousands of clients from all over the world. 

At Israeli Guide, we offer a complete World of Travel, designed to meet your needs. Our goal is much more than taking you from destination to destination. We bring Israel to life, as you discover the wonderful sights, sounds and textures of every corner of this fascinating country.

Our experienced and expert Israeli tour guides take you to the heart of Israel, meeting the locals as we wander off the beaten track for an experience you will never forget.

Keep reading to find out more about Israeli Guide. We look forward to taking your call on our 24-hour toll free hotline, and together we can discuss how to create the Israel experience that is just for you.

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wander off the beaten track for an experience you will never forget.



Guided tours Israel

Travel to israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and Jaffa, a food tour of Israel is sure to satisfy your hunger for delicious cuisine as well as a breathtakingly beautiful vacation spot. Long regarded as a religious holiday experience, many are travelling to this region and discovering the exquisite traditional Israeli cuisine.

Food tourism in Israel is booming with the opportunity to not only taste the food, but also engage in hands on cooking classes. Travel to israel, small food tours mean you can learn the unique style and secrets to creating the delicious and fragrant food in Israel. Imagine how fascinating to visit bakeries as they prepare for the Jewish Sabbath or wineries as they create pomegranate and other types of wine.

Israel Travel cooking vacations combine rich and ancient culture with remarkable landscapes of fig trees and open air markets. Travel to israel one week in Israel to experience the old culinary customs of the local Jewish and Arabic residents will leave you hungry for more! Online vacation packages offer many specialized options for your food tours, so shop around to find the best one.

Learning to cook in the Jewish tradition of keeping things kosher is an important part of Israeli cooking. During your culinary israel guided tour, you will learn the laws of kashrut and that those laws, Israel Travel while old and outdated, were designed to make sure the food is healthy. Remembering to never mix milk and meat is important, and a key to kosher cooking. Not only can each dish not include both items, but also they cannot even appear in the same meal. Some kosher kitchen have separate plates for milk and for meat and even separate sinks for washing them,Israel Travel

Travel to israel, among the fun things that one can undertake are the wine tasting at the local wineries, dine at the local restaurants like Olive and Fish at Liberty Bell Gardens, in Jerusalem. One can go rafting and kayaking in the Jordan River and also visit the Hula Nature Reserve. Things to do in Tel Aviv include visiting the pedestrian mall Nachalat Binayamin, and also visit Sheinkin, the swanky shopping street. One could always take a dip in the Dead Sea and enjoy a camel ride in the biblical style – Israel Travel.

Things to do in Tel Aviv include shopping at Sheinken and Nachalat Binayamin. There are Yemenite restaurants where one could dine and visit the TelAviv Museum, Independence hall and Rothschild Boulevard.

Israel guides are vast and numerous and one can visit the centers of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and also places like Dead Sea and Safe and Haifa. One can even take part in excavation processes at Beit Guvrin Caves.