The way to experience Israel like never seen before!!

VidYourself is the most innovative and exclusive way to travel in Israel.
Not only you get to visit and experience off-the-beaten track sites, do cool fun things but you will be able to share it on social media as you get in only 36 h,
A professional 1-minute video that will leave all your friends speechless+ incredible pictures from the tour.
This video is unique as it gives you a 3-dimension perspective!
You will be filmed by a professional photographer, by a drone and the most important part-by yourself

This is why we call it: VidYourself

During the day a professional photographer will give you a GoPro camera and teach you how to use it in a way that will create at the end of the day a spectacular, professional and cool video that you can share.

The Newst and most unique way to travel in Israel and share it!